448 pages
ISBN 0962949671
open-flat binding

In this book you will discover:
  Transcribing techniques to help you improvise, orchestrate, compose.
  How to maximize your creativity and productivity.
  How to develop your craft by consolidating techniques.
  How to read music with your ears.
  How you can write music without using an instrument.
  How to write music spontaneously, as your ear guides your hand.
  How to communicate accurately through music notation.
  Why you don't need "perfect pitch."
Tools to develop your music perception.
  140 exercises, many music examples-models for a lifetime of study.
  Resources for composing, orchestrating, film scoring.
  Where to find supplies, organizations, information, inspiration.
  Working in the music business.
  Reference section includes books, supplies, websites.
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"The best system for teaching ear training that I've ever seen. I've learned a great deal from this book and so will you."--Randy Newman, composer

"A concise and wonderfully clear book on how to notate musical thoughts."--Herb Alpert, recording artist, producer

"Captures the essence of listening and music notation for professionals and students."--Roger Nichols, songwriter, composer, producer

"A standard reference for every serious musician or music educator. A wealth of practical information. A book that has needed to be written."--Dr. Thom Mason, Professor of Jazz Studies, U.S.C.

"The 'new bible' for the musician who wants to know what it takes to make it in any facet of the music business. There is more precise and vital information in this book than you can imagine...should be required reading for all music students."--Hal Espinosa, Professional Musicians, local 47 president

"Heavy attention to ear training, the most overlooked aspect in the field of music education. Stresses the complete musician concept. One of the most valuable books any music student or educator could own."--Bobby Shew, trumpet artist, educator, clinician
"Invaluable! Written by one of the most talented men in our business today." --Richard Carpenter, composer, recording artist

"Extremely comprehensive, meticulously organized method.... Transcends styles.... Powerful for either a self study or classroom environment. A masterful and rich work."--Roger Steinman, composer, music educator, performing musician

"Learning to compose and orchestrate takes a great deal of time, discipline and effort. Anyone willing to apply those qualities to the exercises in Hearing and Writing Music will be greatly rewarded."--William Ross, composer

"Hearing and Writing Music will help you instill confidence in yourself, no matter what your level."--Rick Marotta, composer, studio musician

"This book is forever on my desk."--Dr. Ann Ruckert, music educator, performing musician

"Absolutely first rate. The book that really puts it all together. I wish that there had been something like this when I began studying music."--Dennis Dreith, composer, Recording Musicians Association president


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